Notice of summer holidays

Please be noticed that our company will be closed during following days
due to summer holidays. We apology for your inconvenience due to above

Duration of summer holidays:

Sales Department and After Service Deapartment;
from August 13(Tuesday) to 16(Friday),  2013.
Note: August 10(Saturday), 11(Sunday) and Ausgust 17(Saturday) are normal
          company holidays.

At emergent correspondence in After Service Department;
Mr. TakaichiHIRAKAWA  Mobile: +81(0)80-6408-9152 E-Mail:
Mr. Koujiro NAKAMURA Mobile: +81(0)80-6408-9153 E-Mail:

Iknow Machinery factory will be closed for following duration due to summer holidays;
from August 11(Sunday) to 18(Sunday), 2013.

Mr. Thomas H. Blenk, Vice President-Northern Region of ABS Pacific Division came to visit IKNOW MACHINERY.

Under a clear blue sky “Satsuki Bare” on  Monday afternoon, June 10th, 2013,
Mr. Thomas H. Blenk, Vice President Northern Region of ABS Pacific Division,
Mr. Akira Akiyama, Vice President-Japan and Mr. Hitoshi Matsumoto, Country Manager-Japan took a tour of IKNOW MACHINERY factory.

Though it was only a short tour, but they looked around the Gantry crane, Hatch cover, etc. under currently being manufactured IKNOW MACHINERY products.

Onboard outfitting scenery of gantry cranes made by IKNOW MACHINERY Co.,Ltd.

Outfitting scenery on newly built ship equipped with Gantry cranes at Oshima Shipyard.
Above said Gantry crane is so-called as ” ONLY-ONE” technics bearing of specific
design and manufacturing know how among his production range and is firmly approved
by world wide shipping companies.

Good view from Nagasaki city park the container vessel equipped with hatch covers made by IKNOW MACHINERY CO., LTD.

On March 2013, completed to delivery 66 panels of pontoon type hatch cover for container vessel built at Mitsubishi/Nagasaki Shipyard. Currently you can take looking the container vessel mooring at Tategami pier of above shipyard.

Shipment of deck crane for messrs Junling Shipyard (P.R.China)

Conducted first time shipment of 45Ton lifting load deck crane for Jinling Shipyard from IKNOW private berth on Jan. 27. 2013.

Above listed deck crane is of super big scale four(4) roped electric drive intended for installing on the platform of coal transshipment
barge ordered by Winning International group, shigapore. The above said deck crane is not only the biggest lifting capacity  cass in
IKNOW MACHINERY record but also large scale full electric driven as grab handling crane in the world market.

The deck crane installed and inspected on the platform built by Junling Shipyard in P. R. China, being navigated to Indonesia for
loading coal to Japan and or China therefrom.
(The coal is transshiped from barge afloat on a shallow sea water to big size overseas ocean sea going vesseltugged to cargo
handring point in Indonesia)

IKNOW had delivered five(5) same type grab handling deck crane up to now and they are at severe cargo handling all night  service
still now.

Expecting to make the second time shipment in March 2013.