Iknow Machinery Co., Ltd. is manufacturing cargo deck crane which is principal equipment of cargo handling onboard ship. We are ready to respond for various types of cargo handling prepared for various type of deck crane which is performing for hook and grab and heavy cargo handling. Iknow Machinery has developed as one of technical innovation full electric drive deck crane with inverter control which is matching for cargo handling for cold zone and high ambient temperature zone as well as hard and durable cargo handling.


Electoro-Hydraulic Deck Crane


S-type slim


Double Deck Crane


Monitoring System

Hyper Filter

Plastic Liner Sheave

Dynamic Bearing Grease Feeder

Cylinder Crane

Full Electric-Driven Deck Crane


  1. Electromotive system is applied completely.
    1) Smooth control with Inverter Control
    2) No Hydraulic Fluid for power system
    a. Power Consumption less compared to the Electro-Hydraulic Crane.
    b. Less maintenance cost than the Electro-Hydraulic Crane.
    c. No risk of Hydraulic Fluid Pollution.
    3) The durability and reliability are increased.
  2. Capable of High Duty Cycle; 24 hours non-stop operation is available.


Electric Driven Synchro Cranes

E-type for Synchronized

Heavy Duty Four Rope Crane



Fixed Floating Dock Crane


Auxiliary Ice Breaker(AGB)

The fouth generation AGB SHIRASE(5003)


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