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Deck Crane

Electro-Hydraulic Deck Crane
Twin Crane
Full Electric-Driven Deck Crane
Heavy Duty Four-Rope Crane


Hatch Cover

Folding Type
Side Rolling Type
Pontoon Type
Piggy Back Type
Full Electric-Driven Type


Gantry Crane



Wood Chip Unloaders
Self Unloaders


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4/17/2019  Holiday Notice

12/19/2018  Season’s Greetings & Holiday Notice

4/19/2018  Holiday notice

12/27/2017  Season’s Greetings & Holiday Notice

8/2/2017  Notice of summer holidays

4/21/2017  Holiday notice

3/28/2017  Assumption for the Transfer of Marine Equipment Business (Deck Crane, Mooring Winch, Windlass) of IHI Corporation

2/8/2017  (日本語) 写真家・斉藤文護氏撮影 大島造船所 社内風景

12/28/2016  Season’s Greeting & Holiday Notice

7/19/2016  Summer Holidays Notice

4/9/2016  ゴールデンウィーク休業のお知らせ

12/2/2015  Season’s Greetings & Holiday Notice

11/18/2015  フローティングドック向け電動デッキクレーン出荷

10/15/2015  サンデー毎日10.25号 “仕事の流儀” IKNOW記事掲載

9/30/2015  (日本語) 佐世保工業会 工場視察

8/21/2015  クレーン用遠隔故障予防診断システム”IKNOW-RCMS”開発・運用試験開始

7/29/2015  夏季休暇のご案内

6/10/2015  英国情報誌 “Endeavour Magazine 2015年3月号” に広告掲載

12/8/2014  (日本語) 年末年始の休業のお知らせ

8/4/2014  Notice of summer holidays

1/31/2014  NK Chairman Mr. Ueda inspected on experiment sail of Wind Challenger.

1/31/2014  Wind Challenger New type hard sail commenced actual land experiment

7/29/2013  KAIJI PRESS EXTRA NUMBER publicate “SHIP OF THE YEAR 2012 with IKNOW”

7/26/2013  Notice of summer holidays

6/12/2013  Mr. Thomas H. Blenk, Vice President-Northern Region of ABS Pacific Division came to visit IKNOW MACHINERY.

4/3/2013  Onboard outfitting scenery of gantry cranes made by IKNOW MACHINERY Co.,Ltd.

3/23/2013  Good view from Nagasaki city park the container vessel equipped with hatch covers made by IKNOW MACHINERY CO., LTD.

1/28/2013  Shipment of deck crane for messrs Junling Shipyard (P.R.China)

12/6/2012  Season’s Greetings & Holiday Notice

8/31/2012  Welcome to IKNOW MACHINERY CO. LTD,