World’s First Automatic Wood-Chip Discharging Operation with Actual Cargo


We Iknow Machinery Co., Ltd. is succeed the automatic wood chip discharging operation with actual cargo using by full electric deck crane in late August, 2021 under the huge support and cooperation of Nippon Paper Industries and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha. The details are mentioned in the attached file.

Attached File

We would like to take this opportunity express our appreciation to the shipowner Fukunaga Kaiun Co.,Ltd. and ship management company Misuga Kaiun Co., Ltd.

Then crane installed on the vessel is jib type crane and cargo handling method is luffing cargo handling type
(Fall down the crane jib forward and release the cargo into the hopper).

In case of luffing cargo handling, the pendulum movement of the grab occurs and difficult to release the cargo into the hopper but the point of practical use was the motion control in which the grab was stationary on the hopper could be adopted.

This stationary control is improved and developed of control theory for this project which has been studied for many years in the laboratory of professor Mr.Terashima (current president) of Toyohashi University of Technology and applied for a joint patent with Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd. and our company.