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  • We take responsibility for managing personal information, including your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and contents of the inquiry that you have entered on this inquiry form and will not use such information for purposes other than responding to your inquiry.
  • For the basic policy of the Company on the handling of personal information, please refer to the Private Policy.
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Handling of personal information

Privacy Policy

IKNOW MACHINERY Co., LTD. (hereinafter “IKNOW”) recognizes the value of all personal information managed and used for its business activities, and will follow the basic policy as stated bellow.

  • IKNOW will not acquire any personal information through false or other improper means.
  • IKNOW will only use the personal information for the originally specified purposes.
  • IKNOW will not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the person involved.
  • IKNOW will take necessary and appropriate measures to maintain the security of such personal information.
  • IKNOW will furnish its employees and contractors handling such personal information with the necessary and appropriate guidance and supervision.
  • IKNOW will take reasonable action when being asked by the principal to provide the use or content of their own personal information.
  • IKNOW will establish rules and management systems for proper handling and protection of personal information and will thoroughly adhere to them.
  • IKNOW will engage in a strong effort to further enhance personal information protection systems by regularly reviewing and updating all rules and procedures regarding the handling of personal information, including this policy.


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For more information regarding the personal information, please contact the following;

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177-2 Hikarimachi, Sasebo, Nagasaki 858-8501 JAPAN