Retro Fitting Products

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Hyper Filter

Hyper filter reduces the frequency of hydraulic oil replacement and contributes to the maintenance and management of customers' hydraulic systems.
The hydraulic oil is the blood of the deck crane and is essential for the smooth operation of the machine.
The hyper filter can maintain the clean state of hydraulic oil and prevent troubles caused by deterioration of pollution level.

Resin liner type sheave

Resin liner type sheave reduces the frequency of wire rope replacement and contributes to the reduction of customer wire rope maintenance costs.
Wire rope is a consumable item that deteriorates depending on the frequency of use of the deck crane and the handling conditions.
The resin liner can reduce the damage to the wire rope and extend the time to the replacement standard.

Monitoring system

By visualizing the damage accumulated on the wire rope, it contributes to the sophistication of wire rope maintenance management for customers.
The amount of damage done to the wire rope varies, depending on the type of cargo and the type of cargo handling.
The monitoring system can quantitatively evaluate the magnitude and location of damage by analyzing the data obtained from the attached sensors.

Dynamic bearing grease feeder

Dynamic bearing grease feeder automates grease refueling of bearings and contributes to customer maintenance management.
The grease supplied to the bearings deteriorates according to the frequency of use of the deck crane.
The dynamic bearing grease feeder can automatically refuel the grease for deck crane at an appropriate frequency according to the operating time while the deck crane is in operation.